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"Love is mostly tender and quiet; Love is a light that allows people to see things that are not seen by others. Romantic love is a deep emotional sexual and spiritual recognition and regard for the value of another person and relationship."

Vibrant, energetic and progressive; launched by, and for, youth and young adults, Love In The Air (Pty) Ltd is a mass-media platform allowing interaction and engagement among our target audience on issues pertinent to them. It is a forum allowing an exchange of views and opinions on current issues be it social, political, religious, cultural, etc.Strategically partnering with all the relevant stakeholders and using all forms of media ranging from electronic, print and social, Love In The Air (Pty) Ltd undertakes campaigns aimed at mobilise and lobby youth to be in the forefront of all the struggles facing them with an aim of being part of the solutions to the problems at hand.Fusing Education with Entertainment, Love In The Air (Pty) Ltd has spread its wings and networks to reach youth and young adults in all the tertiary institutions, schools churches as well as other structures pursuing the social development as well as academic wellbeing of youth.

Main Objective

Our main objective is to mobilize our youth to be part of the solution to the challenges they are facing.

Target Market


Love In The Air targets and visits youth in tertiary institutions, high schools, churches and other collective houses.


Our mission is to spearhead and facilitate educational and awareness campaigns on social ills and engage youth through interactions aimed bringing about positive solutions.


Our vision is a society fully cognisant of its challenges, the causal factors as well as solutions thereto. A united youth front in taking, head-on, matters to their hands bringing about positive development of our youth in South Africa.

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Connect with us:

tel: +27 71 110 2785